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Current Holland Lop Litters & Availability:

DOB: 3/21/22 - AT'S Beppu (black) X Reeder's Beatrice (tort), 1 black doe & 1 black buck ~ $60 each 

DOB: 3/31/22 - AT's Beppu (black x DTL's Betty (orange), 1 orange buck $125 

DOB: 8/10/22 - SCM Orion (sable pt) x Carey's Azalea (blue), 1 black buck (KEEP)

DOB: 8/14/22 - Homestead Holland's River (chestnut) x SCM Galleta (sable pt), 1 tort buck $75, 1 black buck (KEEP), 1 orange buck $85

DOB: 10/15/22 - Carey's orange buck x Carey's BB1 (Black), 7 kits variety of colors, 1 black Fuzzy Holland doe $85(BOSB WINNER), 1 Black buck $75


NEW Litters:

SCM Orion (sable pt) x GR Beanie (black) : 5 KITS

SCM Orion x Reeder's Farmhouse Beatrice : 2 KITS

SCM Orion x Carey's chestnut doe : 6 KITS

SCM Orion x DTL's DeDe (bkn black) : 1 KIT

Homestead Holland's Tortellini x Carey's black doe: 2 KITS born 3/14

Bred Does:

Carey's black buck  x SCM Galleta (sable pt)

Homestead Holland's River (chestnut) x GR Hazel (tort)

Carey's black buck x Carey's Azalea (blue)


For more information on upcoming litters and availability, please contact us.

We practice Ethical breeding and selling policies. 

Please Note- regardless of where you go, we do not advise to buy bunnies that are under 10-12 weeks old. Over 25+ years with rabbits, common sense and lots of experience has told us time and time again the chances of better survivability with young rabbits is over this age frame and early weaning(under 6 wks) is detrimental to their well being. I highly discourage pet store purchases. Hollands are a fragile breed and I highly recommend they are not kept outdoors, but I also do not recommend or advocate the housing of pet rabbits outdoors in general. They are high risk prey and at great risk to the elements. I've probably heard every horror story imaginable over the years. Remember, a rabbit is a 6-12 year commitment. They need protection from the heat and cold, good ventilation, fresh food/hay/water daily, attention, large enclosure and exercise.


We carry Rabbit Cages, KING Feed, Hay & Supplies at our Feed store, H&H Feed and Ranch Supply at 31011 Valley Center Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082 ~ 760.749.6100. Open 7 Days a week.


We offer the Following Rabbit Services:

Rabbit & Small Animal Boarding/Sitting 

ARBA Rabbit Registration $6

Nail Trimming $5

Tattoos  $5



Upcoming Shows:
2/11/23 ~ CRCS Show in Santee, CA





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