Carey's Bunny Barn

** Rate is $15/day **

Going on vacation? Need to travel or be away for a period of time or just a couple days?
I provide Indoor sitting / boarding at our location in Valley Center(north San Diego). Lifetime of experience with rabbits, various pets, horses and livestock.
MANY years of experience with rabbits, be it a precious house pet or top show bunny.
Very compassionate, and we truly love bunnies. They will receive the best personalized care possible.


**Sorry, but I cannot take dogs. Cats are on a case-by-case basis. **

Daily fee per: $15
Can discuss special circumstances such as several animals, types of animals, more than a month of time to be away, etc.

I provide:
Controlled environment, kept away from other animals. We practice excellent hygiene between animals.
Complete personalized care, feeding, cleaning.
One-on-One time and turning out to play in a safe environment, if you wish.

You provide:
Your cage, food, treats, toys, dishes, litterbox, bedding, etc. (Hay & Oxbow or King Rabbit feed may be purchased from us, if needed)
Written care instructions.

Must sign a simple release and agreement upon drop-off.

Short Notice OK.

Rabbit & Small Animal Boarding

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